Cool JP!

What is Cool JP?

Cool JP is a new Boston Climate Action Network campaign to get all of Jamaica Plain involved in stemming the tide of climate change — saving energy, saving money, and saving lives, all at the same time.  State and City officials are planning big cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and enlisting community-based organizations like BostonCAN to mobilize the large numbers of people who will need to take action in order to achieve these goals: weatherizing their homes, shifting their transportation patterns, advocating for renewable energy, etc. Cool JP is about stepping up to this challenge.

Cool JP aims to get at least 25% of neighborhood residents and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by at least 25% within three years.  These goals are shared by several other “Cool Mass” communities and are of the scale we need to help prevent the worst effects of climate change and to achieve a healthy future for our youth and ourselves. We’re fortunate to have a great partner in Renew Boston, the city’s program to support residents to get free home energy assessments and free energy conservation services. You can request a home assessment by filling out the form on this page or by calling 617-635-7283.

We envision a broadly inclusive and fun campaign that involves all of JP – homeowners, tenants, places of worship, small businesses, non-profits, schools, people of all ages, income levels, and walks of life.  And we expect to create tools that can be used to make every Boston neighborhood cool in their own way!

Working collaboratively with a variety of partners, we envision a wide range of activities:

  • hundreds of households requesting free home energy assessments
  • door-to-door organizing of “green blocks,”
  • networks of Low-Carbon-Living groups,
  • friendly rounds of “energy smackdown”-style competition,
  • high quality weatherization subsidized for those who need it, and
  • clear information about and access to financial incentives for energy efficiency work for everyone.

What we need to be successful? Volunteers who want to help lead Boston to a future of more sustainable energy use and lower impact.

Make your block a Green Block!

A “green block” is a street where neighbors decide to work together to cut their energy use significantly.  Want to make your block a green block?  Cool JP can help you reach out to your neighbors and get started: with smart energy parties, low carbon living groups, home energy coach visits, weatherization barn-raisings, and collective approaches to landlords and to contractors about cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.

Join a Low Carbon Living group!

Low Carbon Living groups of 5-8 households work together to measure their carbon footprints, set goals for reducing their energy use, and develop personal action plans to make it happen. Groups meet four times to support each other in learning the best ways to cut energy usage, save money, and take action against climate change. Cool JP can help you organize or join a Low Carbon Living group.

Request a Home Energy Coach visit!

Cool JP’s home energy coaches will analyze your energy usage, do a home walk-through with you, and offer you guidance about opportunities for saving energy and money, and where to go from here. At present, this service is offered free of charge. All we need to get started is your electricity and heating bills, and the square footage of your home.

Find out how you can play a role in Cool JP by calling 857-544-6846 or email CoolJamaicaPlain<at>gmail<dot>com.

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