Gas Leaks

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Dorchester gas leak explosion 4-2014

April 2014: Gas leak destroys Dorchester home

Methane leaks from aging gas pipes are Boston’s biggest source of greenhouse gases — bigger than all our buildings, all the electricity we use, or all transportation. The methane that’s leaking from old pipes in and around Boston would heat 200,00 homes a year.

We need to bring down those emissions as fast as possible. That’s the focus of our new gas leaks campaign.

  • Come to our campaign kickoff meeting on Monday, March 23 at Nate Smith House in JP and find out how you can plug in. 6 for supper and socializing, 6:30-8:30 kickoff meeting. 155 Lamartine St, a block from the Stony Brook stop on the Orange Line.
  • Join our action team to help plan and coordinate the campaign. We meet alternate Thursday mornings and evenings — email to get the schedule.
  • Gas leak patrol, DorchesterSign up for a Gas Leak patrol. In April we will start finding and publicizing gas leaks across Boston. We want the gas company, National Grid, to replace all its leaky pipes right away and stop warming our planet!
Methane leaks Boston area

A Boston University study found 3352 gas pipe leaks in Boston in 2011. Few have been repaired or replaced.


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