Gas Leaks

Join our Gas Leaks Campaign!

Dorchester gas leak explosion 4-2014
April 2014: Gas leak destroys Dorchester home

Methane leaks from aging gas pipes are Boston’s biggest source of greenhouse gases — bigger than all our buildings, all the electricity we use, or all transportation. The methane that’s leaking from old pipes in and around Boston would heat 200,00 homes a year.

We need to bring down those emissions as fast as possible. That’s the focus of our new gas leaks campaign.

  • Join our action team to help plan and coordinate the campaign. We meet alternate Thursday mornings and evenings — email to get the schedule.Gas leak patrol, Dorchester
  • Sign up for a Gas Leak patrol. We want the gas company, National Grid, to replace all its leaky pipes right away and stop warming our planet!


Methane leaks Boston area


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